The idea of the Elmstone Group had been brewing in the minds of Shari and Steven Gould for several years before it become a reality. They had always thought that real estate was a great business to invest in. However there was one small problem…neither of them knew much about the industry. With the help of Lifestyles Unlimited they spent more than 9 years studying, learning and practicing investing in real estate. Starting with Single Family properties they moved onto larger scale operations adding:

  • Casa Del Sol Apartments, Irving (104 units) in 2011
  • Spanish Chase Apartments, Irving (77 unit) in 2012
  • New Orleans Apartments, Carrollton (68 unit) in 2013
  • The Village on West Irving (formerly Villas Del Sol apartments), Irving (91 unit) in 2015
  • Silverado Apartments, Irving (184 units) and The Monterey Apartments (160 units) in 2016

They continue to grow and expand the Elmstone Group brand by acquiring and managing additional properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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